Janice A. Petterchak is a researcher, writer, and editor.
Her publications include Illinois History: An Annotated
Bibliography (Greenwood Press, 1995), Jack Brickhouse:
A Voice for All Seasons (Contemporary Books, 1996),
Out to Sea Again: A Naval Armed Guard in World
War II (Legacy Press, 2002), Lone Scout: W. D. Boyce
and American Boy Scouting (Legacy Press, 2003) and
Historic Illinois (Historical Publishing Network, 2005). Her
most recent work is The Soldier's General: Omar Bradley
and the United States Military in Peace and War. (Legacy
Press, 2014). Privately commissioned works include stories
of midwestern businessmen, entrepreneurs, and

Articles and book reviews by Ms. Petterchak have been
published in the Journal of the Illinois State Historical
Society, Illinois Historical Journal, Illinois Libraries, and
Labor's Heritage, the national quarterly of the George
Meany Memorial Archives. For two years she co-edited
the Papers of the Abraham Lincoln Association, and she wrote the first in the Illinois State Historical Society's Historical Leaflet series, Researching and Writing Local History in Illinois: A Guide to the Sources.

A native of Springfield, Illinois, Ms. Petterchak received a B.A. in Political Studies and M.A. in American History, both from the University of Illinois. She held several professional positions with the Illinois State Historical Library (now the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library) and for nine years served as its director.  Her accomplishments are listed in Who's Who in America. Her website is at  www.biogwriter.homestead.com.

Gen. Onar N. Bradley
Legacy Press, Rochester, Illinois
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Janice A. Petterchak
Janice A. Petterchak
Legacy Press, Rochester, Illinois